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Cholesterol Free
Cashew being plant food is cholesterol free. However it is not a marketing gimmick or a plain statement. It is supported by recent studies and trail. Cashew kernels do contain large amount of fat, but fat which is important for our health. The fat contained is more of unsaturated and polysaturated which is good fat for our health.

Cashew and diabetes
In a 16 years study started in 1980, it was seen that consuming 28.3 gm of nuts 5 days a week resulted in 27% lower risk of developing diabetes. Also cashew has a very low content of soluble sugars i.e. 1% and complex carbohydrates which make it safe for those suffering from diabetes.

Cashew kernels are also considered excellent source of Biotin (vitamin B) especially for children. Vitamin B5 helps to improve energy production in Skin, health and nervous system function in the body. Also it supplies 15% of daily requirement of biotin to children’s health.

Cashew nut king of nut is not just tasty but nutritious too. It is considered as the treasure house of essential elements like calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorous, potassium. 100 Gms of cashew contain 37mg.calcium, 292mg.magnesium, 6mg.iron, 593mg phosphorous, 660mg.potassium, 5.78 mg.zinc, 2.195mg copper and 1.17mg of selenium.

Kelly Holmes Britain’s double gold medallist of Olympics 2004 said ‘cashew nuts are my little secrets’. She said adding that helped her process recovery, so she was full primed for her neat race. A 50 gm of cashew provides 1/5 of women’s daily iron requirement and 1/10 of mans zinc needs. It is a post snack for anyone who has performed a tough work out.


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